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In a Meeting
Not the Standard Career Page.

At My Talent Partners we firmly believe in putting top people in great careers.  We simply don't work for companies that are not great places to work.  In fact, all of our partners are rated as four to five star companies on Glassdoor.

On the same line, we won't put a candidate in a role that isn't the right fit for them or the company. Communication is important.  We believe in following up, over communicating, and being honest with both parties.  Integrity is key for our employees and clients.

We Are Hiring!

If you would like notice of new positions, just 'like' our Facebook Page. We will post new positions as they are put in our system

Many of our clients have used corporate ATS systems. If you don't see a position you think we are hiring for, please drop us a line.  We would love to connect.  We believe in searching for the right candidate and do not always post all of our roles.  We also use our client's ATS in some circumstances.

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